Invisalign – what’s it like?

Invisalign attachments and trays on – Leanne is looking forward to seeing how this virtually invisible system can straighten her teeth!

Our previous office manager Leanne loves trying out new treatments (check out her ZOOM! review here). Since our office started providing Invisalign she has been dying to try it out! Find out about her visits and experience below. We will follow her Invisalign news and progress every step of the way, so check back for updates! 

Visit 1: Record taking and impressions – 60 mins

On your first visit we do an orthodontic assessment of your teeth to measure your bite, level of crowding and more. We take impressions and a set of photographs, all of which are sent to Invisalign to create your treatment plan. The length of treatment and cost depends on how much movement is needed to get the result you want. In Leanne’s case, she will need 14 weeks of active treatment followed by retainers.

Clincheck – Your digital treament plan – allows us to see your expected result, which teeth that need attachments/IPR and, the timeline (in weeks along the bottom)

Visit 2: Clincheck review and consent – 30 mins

When the impressions are sent to Invisalign, they are digitally scanned and a treatment plan is created, called the “clincheck”. It takes 1-3 weeks for this to be ready. Once we receive the clincheck, we have an opportunity to review it with the patient so they can see if they are happy with the expected result and timeline. If so, we fill out treatment consent and financial consent. Once we hit “approve” on your clincheck, we expect your trays to arrive within 2 weeks!


Invisalign attachments on the top teeth. We use bonding that is colour matched to your teeth to make your buttons as invisable as possible.

Visit 3: Attachments and IPR – 60 mins

Treatment day has arrived! On your first treatment visit we will place your attachments (buttons on the teeth that allow them to de-rotate) and we may do some IPR (slimming of the enamel to create space). We fit your first trays and talk about expectations for the first few weeks. You will change your trays every 7 days and only take them out for eating/drinking/cleaning. Your speech will be a little funny for a few days and you may notice more saliva. Usually the first 2 days of trays 1-3 are a little uncomfortable but other than that it’s plain sailing.

Visit 4: 1st Review appointment – 30 mins

“I am loving my Invisalign at the moment. The first few days on my first trays were a little bit uncomfortable as they were quite tight but after a few days it was okay. Then when I changed to second tray it was the same thing, a bit sore for the first two days. I also felt like my speech had changed but no one else noticed this. Now I am on my fourth tray and they slide in and out so easily and it feels weird when I don’t have them in now because I am so used to them.”

Visit 5: 2nd Review – 30mins

Things are progressing well for Leanne. Her open bite is reducing and lower teeth are coming into alignment. Next we will be focusing on rotating her canines and correcting her bite.

What’s next? In 4 weeks she will be having a review to make sure she is on track. Keep an eye out here to see how she gets on! 

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